What is AutoCheck insurance and how does it work?


The vehicle loses its protection at the moment of the manufacturer’s warranty expiration. If failure occurs, it can cause uncomfortably high costs, which are necessary to be paid for the repair. The failure risk is even multiplied later, especially in case when you purchase a used car and you do not know, how the previous owner looked after it.

Our aim is to provide you, our customers comfort and safe your fund in unpleasant situation like an unexpected failure of your car is.

AutoCheck insurance covers sudden and unforeseen internal mechanical and electrical breakdowns of the insured vehicle, caused by failure of a component included in the list of covered components, provided that the failure results in the component’s sudden malfunction and restoring functionality requires immediate repair or replacement.

AutoCheck can be arranged for new and used vehicles. AutoCheck insurance is offered in a variety of insurance programs established to meet the expectations of all drivers and match their financial abilities. Clients can choose the insurance period and optional parameters can customize the coverage to the specific requirements and needs.

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